Video Games that Deserve a Big Screen: Part 1

mass effect

mass effect

Striking graphics, exhilarating action, masterful storytelling: video games are in the middle of a renaissance. Pretty soon, gamers will have to stop their ranting about video games being a legitimate art form, because everyone will already agree with them. Some of the most creative minds of this generation are hard at work making innovative games. These interactive artworks are best experienced on a big, HD screen in a comfortable home theater. Settle into a cozy chair and start defending the galaxy; we have put together a list of some of the best and most beautiful games to play in your home theater or game room.

Mass Effect II

In this futuristic RPG the galaxy is threatened by hostile aliens. As Commander Shepard, players travel the galaxy in their starship, searching for resources and completing missions.  The Mass Effect series will certainly help you play out your fantasy of being Jean-Luc Picard or Commander Adama. From exploring the beautiful map of the Milky Way, to scanning planets, to encountering fantastical alien races, Mass Effect offers a surfeit of visual treats that will dazzle on the home theater screen. Players appreciate the involved storytelling and the complexity of both optional and mandatory quests.

Okami HD

Inspired by traditional Japanese art and mythology, this gorgeous game puts players inside a moving, explorable ink and brush painting. The storyline starts with the release of an evil demon who saps the life from living organisms. Ameratsu, the Shinto sun goddess, incarnated as a white wolf must save Kamiki Village from the demon. The game makes use of cel-shading technology which takes a 3D image and makes it look hand-drawn. The result is a beautiful rendition of classic sumi woodcutting and painting style. Imagine yourself as a mystical white wolf, loping through a Hokusai painting with flowers bursting into blossom behind you as you run.

Heavy Rain

Like most of the games mentioned, Heavy Rain is critically acclaimed. Unlike most of the games mentioned, it’s a playable psychological thriller rather than a combat oriented, adventure game. Gameplay alternates between four characters who are all investigating a series of murders committed by the Origami Killer.  Your decisions affect the outcome of the game. You start out simply carrying out the daily lives of the characters; then the murder mystery starts to develop. The experience of playing Heavy Rain is unique , immersive and gripping. The graphics are beautifully rendered in a gritty, realistic, noir style. The titular rain is particularly pretty.

Gran Turismo IV

Fans love the realism of the environment in this racing simulator. Exercise your need for speed on 51 different tracks from famous real world tracks like Germany’s Nurburgring to imaginary tracks in stunning real world environments such as Paris, the mountains of Italy or the Vegas Strip. With over 700 cars available, you can envision yourself speeding through Hong Kong in your dream car, cruising Times Square in a supped up version of your own car or clunking around Seattle in a 1886 motor carriage.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This sword and sorcery, RPG titan gave gamers what they wanted: a vast medieval world to explore, plenty of skills to level-up, and dragons! Choose from twelve races and three classes to customize your character. The main quest involves saving humanity from a dragon threat. The number of places to discover, characters to interact with and side quests to complete approaches infinity. Your character can get married and set up a household, contributing to the illusion that you actually live in Skyrim. The graphics are misty, medieval and best seen on a large screen.


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