Forget Black Friday! Save MORE Money Purchasing Gadgets in Spring!




I don’t know about you, but every single time a go to a store and see a display wall of new flat-panel TV’s, I can’t help but stop to look at them – mentally choosing my favorite one of the bunch. Usually I have zeroed in on a 60 or 70 inch model that is thinner than most paperbacks I have read in my life.

Problem is… I don’t have the money to just go out and buy a TV willy-nilly! A guy like me has to plan out a purchase like that – for a while!! If I were serious about making a purchase like that, I’d likely spend a week or two reading up on as much info as I could, like technology, performance specs, and user reviews so I know that I am spending my hard earned money!

Everyone knows that there are good deals to be had in the weeks following thanksgiving leading up to Christmas. But did you know that there me be another time during the year where you can get an even better deal?

savebigbuxI remember back when the prospect of buying a 32” flat panel TV for less then $300 dollars seemed like the deal of the century! In fact in 2010 I went to stand in line at Walmart overnight on Black Friday to buy a 32” “no name” brand TV for $270!!! That experience left me feeling like there couldn’t be another deal better than that one…ever! (Boy was I wrong! Because you can snag a brand name 32” TV today from any big retailer for as low as $199 on any given day!)

This last week I found myself in the electronics section of Target with my wife looking adoringly at the TV’s that were up on the wall. I found it hard to believe that there were 50” models hanging there that looked small when compared to the 70” behemoth that was also for sale! I wanted so badly to buy a TV, but I knew better, I knew that if I’d just wait a month or so, these TV’s would all be on clearance


Around this time of year manufacturers are preparing to roll out new product lines, which means deep discounts on last years models.

Probably the most conspicuous thing that we see come and go on a yearly basis is vehicles. You hear the ads on the radio and on TV about the “end of year clearance” sales and a month or two later the ads start flooding the market baiting customers to “come drive the new _____” and get preferred financing on a new 20xx lease.

Clothing is another very common area to see deep discounts applied when last years products need to be sold to make room for a new set of products.

Likewise, same principle applies to the electronics industry. This is an industry where each year everyone is eager to show off their new product lines and whatever new technologies they have developed or incorporated into last years design to make it a new “must have” device this year.

In fact experts say that prices during this time of the year can be as low (or lowers than) the best Thanksgiving “door-busters” deal! Plus you won’t have to wait in the cold overnight in a line with strangers just for a chance to get a good deal!  Because there is often only a small selection of units left to sell off retailers won’t run a full ad to promote it, so they say it is often best to just stop into your favorite retailers and see if they have by chance lowered the price on the big-screen you have been eyeing ever since it came out last summer! So, just like the automotive industry and the fashion industry; manufacturers and retailers have to empty their shelves of any leftover product that went unsold from the previous year, resulting in lower prices than any other time of the year.


Last but not least, be ready to act! These deals do not sit around and wait for you. Retailers are motivated to move the products off their shelves and out of their warehouses, if you are lucky enough to stumble across a killer-deal you need to know enough about the category of electronic or product you are looking into that you can make a snap judgment and snag yourself that deal of a lifetime!

Sometimes the new models that are coming out are far more desirable than those being replaced. Sometimes they are almost identical. If you have done your homework and are savvy enough to know what the various features and benefits are you will have no trouble being able to decide if the deep savings are worth the sacrifice of having the absolute “latest and greatest.”

The following chart shows the best deal categories by month. Happy deal hunting everyone! While the rest of the world is looking for candy Easter eggs, you can hunt deals!

price list

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