6 Valentines day gifts your man will LOVE




Looking for the PERFECT gift for the technology lover in your life!? Here are 6 MUST OWN  gadget gift ideas that will make your man wanna brag to his friends and co-workers about how cool his Valentine is! If he doesn’t already have all of these gifts, you can confidently order any one of these and KNOW he will LOVE IT!


6 Valentines day gifts your man will LOVE

Sound Bar


sound bar

If your guy has a mancave or even just a flatpanel TV, than a sound bar would be an awesome addition to his set up. Sound bars are designed to fill a room or space with sound as if the room were outfitted with a full-on surround system. However, even if he has a 


surround sound setup, sound bars are an awesome tool in the home theater arsenal. They can provide the just right amount of encompassing sound without having to crank up the sound so high that the whole house is annoyed. Also, adapters are available to make sound bars like this one wireless. This can be an attractive solution for people who are trying to create a clean and wireless installation on their wall. We recommend the Atlantic Technology 40-inch Front Stage Loud Speaker, on it’s own it’s able to reproduce the sound of a much larger system Smart Phone Watch.



Smart Watch

titleIf your valentine already has a smart phone (it’s 2014, who doesn’t have one right!?) Smart watches are designed to work in tandem with smartphones by extending the functionality and control-ability of the phone beyond the touchscreen of the phone itself over to your watch on your wrist. The two primary contenders in the smart watch categories  are the Pebble watch, which has been around for about a year. and the slightly younger “Gear” watch made by electronics megalith and current smartphone Goliath, Samsung.


 The Pebble Watch comes in a variety of different finishes and bands. The most recent being a new Steel version which gives the watch a more stylish and substantial feel and appearance. however it comes at an added cost.  Prices for the Pebble Watch range from $150 for the original versions and $250 for the new steel editions.


Samsung’s “Galaxy Gear”. Was designed to be used with the members of the Samsung Galaxy family of products. The price of the Gear has been criticized for it’s low sales in the first portion of it’s life but rumors of a significantly discounted second generation on the horizon have been popping up leading us to believe it may be true. So a I.O.U. may be the way to go if you are set on gifting this watch to your sweetheart. $249



Ipad / Tablet

aaa ipad min

In spite of the torrent of criticism and snooty comments about the name, the iPad has proven itself to be a bonafide staple of digital society. When launched it was available in only one color and shape, but today several generations later, there are 16 different options you have to choose from when buying a new iPad Air or Mini ($399-829 Ipad Mini  $499-929 IPad Air.) 

aaa ipadAnd just in case shelling out $499 for a new tablet is not in the budget, don’t forget that not all iPad s go to heaven…they go to the homes of people who refuse to pay full retail or insist on early adopters of all things apple. You can buy discounted units from stores online such as cowboom.com, amazon.com, Glyde.com and of course, eBay.com!




Irobot Roomba


Do you want your man to do some of the house chores? Do you wish you could get him to accept the responsibility of vacuuming the house at least once a week? Well, if you buy him a Roomba ($349-699) of his very own, you can bet that he will be happy to be the king of the vacuuming responsibilities! Roomba has been around for a while now, but most people do not know that they have been innovating, improving and constantly updating the Roomba vacuum. Over the past years they have made Roomba able to avoid the
pitfalls of stairs, denied entrance to rooms deemed off-limits, remote control, self docking and iroitcharging, even scheduled operation!  So now, all your man has to do to ensure the chores get done is set the Roomba’s built in schedule to clean the floors twice a week while he is at work and you are away at yoga resulting in clean floors and a happy wife!





Sony MW600 Bluetooth Adapter


Shure SE110 Headphones


This suggestion comes from my own life and it’s not one product, but rather a combo of two very great products that when combined make one gadget that I cannot live without!

Do you like the idea of talking on a Bluetooth headset while talking on the phone, being hands-free while you drive, workout at the gym or when doing yard work but don’t want to look like a total Darrel with that dumb Bluetooth earpiece hanging off one of your ears? Well this gadget solves all these problems!

sony-mw600-400x400-imaddd8euzu5uuxyThe Sony MW600 stereo Bluetooth adapter allows the user to stream full stereo audio to any headset, earbuds or headphones they wish. The Shure SE110 ($149) Sound Isolating Earphones make a perfect mate for the Sony MW600 ($55).


The tips of the earbuds are made from the same squishy foam that earplugs are made from allowing them to block out most ambient noise. It also comes with a built in break-away section of the headphones located right where the “y” where you can plug the 3.5mm headphone jack into the top of the slim MW600  making the pair a perfect fit for each other. 

Simply tuck the receiver inside your shirt or jacket when you wear it and run the headphones up and over the back of your ears, and it becomes virtually invisible!



Internet Streaming Device


With more and more people choosing to “Cut the cable” internet streaming devices are becoming a popular solution for maintaining your network TV fix (letting you cheerfully NOT pay the cable company an arm and an leg. )

There are several great choices available, and we can’t say which is best for you to buy because each of us here owns different ones and enjoy them for different reasons.  The three that we can confidently recommend are the AppleTV ($99), Roku ($49-98) and the Google Chromecast ($35). Most share a majority of their features with each other and so it comes down largely to the user interface you prefer, whether 628x471or not you are an apple fanatic or a faithful Google user. Whichever you choose, this is an affordable gift that will become one of your favorite toys before you know it!






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