The Basic Components that Make Up a Home Theater

more components

more components

A home theater is made of several technical and non-technical components. It needs audio video sources, speakers, receivers, connecting cables, projectors, and proper furniture.

We can help you set up the finest theater room right in your home within your budget and with enhanced user experience.  When all parts of a theater come together, you can enjoy truly theater-like ambiance and audio video quality at home.

Essential components of a home theater:


Theater sound systems must be appropriate for the theater room. For a great theater feeling, install surround sound speakers. The number and power of the speakers you need depends on the size of your home theater room.  Most homeowners install the 5.1 sound systems that have five different speakers and one sub-woofer. If you have a very large theater, you will want to add more speakers. 6.1 to 9.1 sound systems are available to the home theater enthusiast.


Your video system brings your home theater to life. A large, high-quality theater screen has a powerful effect on the viewer. You can use either a projector or a high-definition TV in there. Projectors are an increasingly popular choice for home theaters, because they are less expensive than large flat screen TVs. HD projectors have superior images and high picture quality.

Projectors can throw large images, sometimes as large as 100 inches across the diagonal. Big images are a part of the theater impact. Projector screens come in different types. The most popular choices are fixed screens and roll-up screens. You can choose your projector screen based on your needs.


The theater receiver pulls the whole theater system together. A good receiver is necessary to accept audio and video signals from all sources in your home theater. It magnifies audio signals that are transmitted to the speaker. For a home theater, you need a receiver that is compatible with your surround sound system.


Different home theatre cables have different functions. There are customized cables as well as simple wires that have multiple uses. You might want to hire an electrician to do the wiring for you.


Furniture arrangement plays a crucial role in your private theater. Recliners, sofas, or couches are perfect for this room. We can help you install special home theater chairs with extra padding, back support, and multi-dimensional accessories. You can bring a more realistic look to the whole space by creating different rows of seats at different heights.

Using these components, you can perk up the look and feel of your home theater system.

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