Finally! A subwoofer for apartment dwellers!!!



2014-02-26_16-50-53shutterstock_148332716Are you looking to add a little extra bass to your home theater experience? Want to take your new PS4 or Xbox One to the next level and gain a little advantage over your friends in Call of Duty at the same time? Do you live in an apartment or condo and have neighbors close by who prevent you from having a subwoofer?

Well, there is one solution that can cover all these bases and then some!!  A SILENT TACTILE SOUND TRANDUCING SUBWOOFER?

Before now if you wanted to FEEL and experience the bass with its deep rumble, and shaking effects, you had to have an amplified subwoofer of considerable size. This type of set up is an undeniable and exciting experience for sure. However, it can be prohibitive for several reasons. First, the cost of purchasing and installing such large subwoofers prevents many from being able to experience the effects of moving large amount of air around a room on a subsonic level.


Secondly, that BIG sound keeps anyone who doesn’t own their own home where they do not have neighbors sharing walls from being able to enjoy the subsonic goodness. Unless you are prepared to do some serious sound proofing having a giant subwoofer is just not an option. buttkicker

When bass is created using subwoofers, those subwoofers are tasked with recreating only the lowest two octaves of sound below 80Hz. With that in mind, the old saying “you get what you pay for” has never been truer. The quality of the subwoofer you are using to reproduce the ultra low frequency sounds matters…a lot. And for that reason, the cost can really start to get in the way of making a truly legendary theater experience.

This is where ButtKicker comes into play! They has revolutionized the home theater market by creating a line of products that are capable of recreating that one-of-a-kind bass shaking experience, without all full_bkminictthe high costs of equipment and the neighbor nagging noise!! Their products work by using a technology called “sound transduction”  this technology is based off of some of the same technology pioneered and used in standard subwoofers, except that instead of having the amplified signal power a cone which moves the air physically, the Buttkicker incorporates a piston inside of a magnetic sleeve that moves in sequence with the sounds from your audio source. The result is a vibration effect.

For the ButtKicker to really work and take maximum effect it needs to be anchored securely to something; allowing the vibrations created to be transmitted through the


chair or couch or stool that it’s connected to into your body, giving you that oh so familiar bass barrage feeling in your booty. Over the past 10-15 years the home theater has come a long ways, and now that home theaters are a household word and as common as a garage is in a home, technology like “tactile sound” has come a long long ways. If you are curious about getting SO if you think that a ButtKicker tactile sound transducer is a good solution for you, the good news is that they are now more affordable today than ever with options ranging in price from $89-599!

2014-02-26_15-54-00If you are curious about what this kind of bass feels like and whether or not it is something you want to invest in for your own home theater or game station, you can likely find a local theater or iMax theater that has been equipped with a ButtKicker set up. Or perhaps you can visit one of their local dealers. If you are in the Houston area, you can come by Home Theater Gear brick and mortar store and feel for your self.

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