Home Theater Gifts for this Holiday Season


Home Theater Gifts for this 2013 Holiday Season

In order to give the best gifts to your loved ones, you need to be informed and on top of all the new gadgets out there. When it comes to home theater, your room has to be top notch. If you know someone with a home theater room I’m sure they have all the new technology to wow a crowd, but here is a list of items that they might not have yet. From reasonable to outrageous there is sure to be something on this list that your home theater guru does not have:


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- Mitsubishi Electric HC4000 1080p Projector is top of the pack right now. Most home theater owners have either a television set or– if they are smart– a projector, give them an upgrade with this beautiful Mitsubishi.


- Draper is a leader in high quality screens, and offers some of the best quality and sizes around. Make sure that your loved one is set up with a beautiful screen, no more low quality TVs.

Movie Series:

- The Bourne Series, Jurassic Park: Any great movie series is a must have for a home theater entrepreneur or owner. In order to brag about their home theater room, they need to walk the walk, that includes showing off their room with an action packed high quality movie.


- HOT! HOT! HOT! Need I say more? Gamers all over are excited to get their hands on one of these and bury themselves in their theater room for at least a few days.

Popcorn Machine:

- Paragon’s Antique popcorn machine, no movie room is complete without a popcorn machine, Paragon’s has an old world feel and will allow anyone to showcase their theater room like it was supposed to be showcased. 

Google Chromecast

- Easily enjoy your favorite online entertainment on your HDTV. If you want top of the line, Google is coming out with some great gadgets and they are all compatible with your home theater room.





If you have been having trouble finding a suitable gift for your loved one, check out some of these gifts and others at Home Theater Gear’s website. Make sure to scope out your movie theater to make sure you aren’t missing any of these awesome gifts for yourself too. Just don’t let them shake the box!

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  1. Calgary Man

    Great gadgets to gift, I like all of them. This gadgets will surely make one busy for couple of days, specially PS4.

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