Video Games that Deserve a Big Screen: Part 1

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mass effect

Striking graphics, exhilarating action, masterful storytelling: video games are in the middle of a renaissance. Pretty soon, gamers will have to stop their ranting about video games being a legitimate art form, because everyone will already agree with them. Some of the most creative minds of this generation are hard at work making innovative games. [...]

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Complete Guide to Choosing a Home Theater Sound System

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If you are in the market for a home theater sound system, you may be suffering from audio indecision. Selecting from the enormous variety of available sound technology can be overwhelming. This article will take the mystery out of shopping for a home theater sound system. The Basics Before you can choose the right setup, [...]

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How to Clean Home Theater Concession Equipment

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popcorn machine

From birthdays to game or movie nights, family cookouts to any other revelry, a carnival-style party can make your get-togethers a lot more fun and memorable. Mouthwatering snacks like popcorn and concessions are a huge hit with kids and adults. However, to keep your guests entertained and the good times rolling, your concession equipment needs [...]

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Seven Bizarre Ways to Use Your Ping Pong Table

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ping pong

Sure, table tennis is tons of fun. But if you’re using your ping pong table just to play games, you’re missing out. Fortunately, we have compiled seven alternative uses, so you can get the most out of your ping pong table. Craft Table Attention, crafters! Are you constantly wishing you had more space for your [...]

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Great Ways to Upgrade Your Home Theater


Having your own home theater is awesome, whether it’s just a basic sound system and TV in your living room, or a room dedicated entirely to watching movies, complete with theater seats and a projector and screen. If you’re going to have a home theater room, why not go all out? Get the full home [...]

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The Basic Components that Make Up a Home Theater

more components

A home theater is made of several technical and non-technical components. It needs audio video sources, speakers, receivers, connecting cables, projectors, and proper furniture. We can help you set up the finest theater room right in your home within your budget and with enhanced user experience.  When all parts of a theater come together, you [...]

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