Walking Dead: 5 Obvious reasons why Daryl won’t survive season 4!



FINALLY!!! The walking dead returns Sunday! (And just in time too, because the thought of going another week without a Dexter or Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead fix is terrifying!)


And if you are like me; Sunday nights’ appointment with AMC is as important (or more) than any other I will have all week (and very likely the only one I’ll be on time or even early to!)


***SPOILER ALERT –The following contains spoilers for the 1st half of Season 4***

So, to jog your memory and get ready for the premier, let’s quickly review what happened during the first part of season 4.


  •     The Governor is dead
  •     Hershel is dead
  •     T-Dog is dead
  •     Carol was banished
  •     The prison was plagued with illness
  •     Glenn got really sick
  •     Rick took up gardening
  •     Carl and the kids (learned to) kick butt
  •     Fled the prison


 Now, lets address Daryl…

For starters, all you people who read the comic books, you may have an inside track for what may or may not happen. But one person you do not have an inside track on Is Daryl Dixon! Daryl, as you all know, was a late addition to the cast. But he is clearly worked his way into the hearts and plot lines of the Walking Dead, Garnering leagues of adoring fans who have threatened to riot if he is killed off.


5 convincing arguments for why Daryl won’t live to see next season!!”

  • While it is true that there is a legion of Daryl Fans who claim to riot should Daryl ever meet his ever-untimely demise, the show’s creator has said that these overzealous and emphatic fans could be the very CAUSE for his death   NO one is ever 100% safe and all the PRO-DARYL “bandwagonry” could drive Kirkman to the point he feels as though the fans are influencing his story line and kills Daryl off to keep the story line genuinely organic going forward.


  • Daryl’s Crossbow—The cross bow is a badass weapon for sure, no doubt about it… it’s much quieter than a gun, and the ammo is reusable too! But it’s also insanely time consuming to reload! I’m sorry, but one of these days when a full-on mob of walkers is bearing down on Daryl and he is having to use both hands to load and cock that weapon, he is gonna come up short. Too little, too late. No time to grab that bowie knife and CHOMP!! Now D is a Z!


  • Comic Book Angle— While it is true that Daryl’s character was not (and is not) part of the comic book series, Norman Reedus has begged show creator and comic writer Robert Kirkman to introduce Daryl’s character into the comic series, to which he has declined. This may not indicate a Daryl death is imminent, but it sure doesn’t guarantee his safety!


  • A Promised “BIG” death– Show Creators have confirmed someone will die before (likely during) the finale of season 4 – someone whose death is not or has not been written about in the comic book series.  If a “jump-the-shark” moment proves necessary, a Daryl death may well spell ratings gold.


  • An Episode of his Own—Writers have hinted at an entire episode centered on Daryl, to come before the end of the season. Often times the revealing nature of these episodes is laying the framework for something big to happen.


Lets face it…Daryl MAY or MAY NOT live to see season 5! But isn’t that what we love MOST about The Walking Dead? No one can be sure of their mortality. And remember, we are all on the same team no matter WHO your favorite character is.

Viva La Dead!



Oh, also, does ANYONE else think that Maggie looks exactly like the new girl, Lily? Because to me they look like sisters, maybe even twins!

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  1. Steve sermon

    I’m as much a Darrel fan as the next person, but I agree that the cray-cray Darrel mob could be the precise reason he gets killed! AHHHHH THE IRONY!

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