Seven Bizarre Ways to Use Your Ping Pong Table

ping pong

Sure, table tennis is tons of fun. But if you’re using your ping pong table just to play games, you’re missing out. Fortunately, we have compiled seven alternative uses, so you can get the most out of your ping pong table.

Craft Table

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Attention, crafters! Are you constantly wishing you had more space for your projects? Your game room can double as a craft room. A ping pong table is the perfect place to lay out the pieces of that Super Mario Bros quilt you’ve been working on. Scrapbooking is better with sentimental music. Play something nostalgic on your surround sound speakers while you lay all your supplies out on your spacious table.


Zombie apocalypse could start at any moment. Be prepared to fortify your entertainment room. Ping pong tables are big enough to barricade any door. Reinforced by steel legs, your table can withstand an onslaught of up to thirty zombies. When the coast is clear, put the table down and play away. Ping pong will help you pass the long, tedious hours while you wait out the apocalypse.

Ironing Board

You have a lot on your mind. Don’t waste time trying to remember where you stored your ironing board. The ping pong table is already set up. You can get the wrinkles out of any size garment on a 9’x5’ table. Heck, you can iron your circus tent. Caution: ping pong tables are not meant to withstand high heat. The surface may melt and fuse to your fabric.

Dinner Parties

Fact: no one under thirty has a dining room table. Second fact: pretty much everyone under thirty owns a ping pong table. Listen up, young adults! Don’t forgo throwing dinner parties just because you’re ashamed to make everybody eat on the floor. Remove the net, toss a clean(ish) sheet over your game table and voila! Bust out your value pack of frozen burritos. You are ready to host a classy soiree.

Over thirty? Thanksgiving is for grownups. Banish loud, messy kids to the game room. Children are to be seen and not heard? Now you don’t even have to hear them. Let them eat on the ping pong table.


Your actual ladder is all the way in the garage. And it’s rusty. Next time you need to change a light bulb or spy on your housemates from your attic, just hop on the ping pong table. Now that’s convenient.

Group Skateboard

Skateboarding a great way to accumulate scars. But life can get lonely when it’s just you and your board. Make skating a group activity. Get the gang outside in the sunshine. Simply fold up your ping pong table, wheel it to the top of a large hill, pile on 3-5 people and roll away. Everything is better with friends! Seriously, don’t ever do this. Please.

Operating Table

Mary Shelley’s definitive how to guide on corpse reanimation, has inspired generations of intrepid biologists. However, no one has replicated Dr. Frankenstein’s experiment. . .yet. There are many reasons to conduct your mad science in your home theater. For one, it’s coursing with electricity. Your ping pong table can easily accommodate all your Victorian era medical implements. Reanimation is grisly work; put on a kid’s movie to distract yourself from the gore.

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