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palliser home theater seats

Overview of Palliser Home Theater Seating


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All home theaters are created different. There are many brands in the market, and quite a few ways to arrange the whole setup. Several brands offer exclusive upscale theater seats for personal media rooms.Palliser is one of the biggest names in home theater seating. Seats from Palliser come in diverse materials, dimensions, colors, and luxury accessories. Wide recline angles, beverage holders, cushions, arm rests, seat springs, and LED lights are some of the most popular features of Palliser theater seats.  There are eight major lines and these are – Autobahn, Auxiliary, Balance, Channel, Current, Digital, Elite and Epych.


Features of Palliser Theater Seats:


palliser seatin


• Material

Palliser seats are carved out of hardwood, softwood, and engineered wood. Each layer is joined to the next with pins and all joints are glued together for maximum strength and stability.  This makes the seats firm, shapely, and compact so that they are able to withstand rough handling for many years of use.  The back support of the seats is composed of more than 10 layers of flexible springs. Elastic webbings are also used to give the seat more flexibility. They make the back of the seat more powerful and comfortable. Seat bases are made of multiple springs that give it a characteristic bounce. These seats are filled with around two pounds of elastic foam.

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• Dimension

Each seat line varies from the other in its dimension. The height of the seat, the depth of the seat and the height of the arm rests- all these measurements are different. All Palliser seats are optimized for maximum comfort and the seat is 19 inches or 48 centimeters high on an average. These seats are about 22 inches deep, which make them cozy and comfortable. Arms are generally fixed at a height of 62 centimeters or 24.5 inches.


• Comfort features

Most seats come with a number of comfort features. These include both manual and automated controls. There are inner handles that are easy to operate and they let the users decide the seat recline angle. The seats are styled like a chaise that maximizes the luxury level. LED cup holders and under seat lighting add to the seats’ stylish appearance. Toggle switches help a user select power settings. Full recline support is also present in most Palliser seats.


• Special features

Buyers can choose special features for their seats. This includes antique or stainless steel cup holders, glass tray desks, wooden, or aluminum foot stands, and wireless bass shakers. Swivel seats are also found in some Palliser products.

palliser features


• Warranty

All Palliser seats for home theaters are covered by warranty terms. At the time of purchase, buyers get warranty and instructional documents.


All these make Palliser a formidable force in the home theater seating industry. To get your Palliser seats, get in touch with us.


palliser home theater seats

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