iPad + Home Theater = Amazingness

ipad control

iPad + Home Theater = Amazingness

ipad control

So you have a sweet home theater and you have an awesome new iPad! Now you want to be able to roll the awesomeness of both these great things into one ultra-super-cool new toy. Well, good news!!

There’s an app for that!!! 


airview_logo_greyAll you need is an iPad that is at least a 2nd generation or newer and an AppleTV box (2nd gen or newer) connected to your theater video input (or TV) in order to make this work.

The iPad uses a technology called “Airplay” to connect with the AppleTV box and stream the video wirelessly to your display. It’s also worth noting that the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, iPad Mini, or 4th Gen iPod touch (or later) can be used to stream video similarly.

Use the settings options on your iPad to access the  Airplay menu and setup the connection. Once connected, your options begin to open up! A quick visit to the iTunes App Store will help you to find a wealth of apps you can download to enhance your new screen sharing magic!




What makes a good app to use with your home theater?


The iPad shares it’s screen with the connected airplay screen by a method appropriately called “mirroring”. This means that what you see on the iPad is exactly what you will see on the big screen in front of you! So essentially, any app will work using app you already have but there are some newer apps that are coming out that have incorporated the ability to access the iPad’s accelerometer and gyroscopic functionality to utilize the iPad itself as a controller, integrating it into the app to create a fully immersive entertainment experience.

The following games are recommended because they support full HD mirroring are great examples of AirPlay at its best:  Real Racing 2 HD, Shift 2 Unleashed (See trailer below), Modern Combat: Fallen Nation, MetalStorm: Wingman.


If you are looking  for an app to get the party started try downloading the app called  ”Sketch Party” – it’s basically a new age version of picktionary…only now instead of a large paper or white-board…the iPad takes it’s place and all of the timers and and scores and drawing prompts are  properly stored inside the iPad and controlled through the Sketchparty app.



For only $5, you can download Sketchparty in the apple appstore, a fraction of what the actual Pictionary board game would cost you at the store!

If you are not the gamer type, and having a game night is just not your thing, there is still one more trick up it’s sleeve that may just catch your eye.

Apple has their own app in the app store appropriately called “Remote”. It allows the user to use their iPad or iPhone as the remote control. That app is free in the app store.

palliser-ipadTo take your iPad integration level to the next level, take a look at the Seating options offered for your home theater by Palliser. They offer a broad range of seating configurations, but most importantly, they have built into the armrest of most of their chairs and adapter capable of accepting a custom made tablet holder specifically for holding  your iPad (or any tablet) in a usable position while you are comfortably seated.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning SketchParty TV! (Those chairs look great, too.)

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