Great Ways to Upgrade Your Home Theater



Having your own home theater is awesome, whether it’s just a basic sound system and TV in your living room, or a room dedicated entirely to watching movies, complete with theater seats and a projector and screen. If you’re going to have a home theater room, why not go all out? Get the full home theater experience and entertain in style with these great additions.

Bass Shakers

Bass shakers connect to your home theater seats and cause them to vibrate in time with the sound effects, using low-frequency sound waves. The sound waves are so low you can’t hear them, but you feel them with every roll of thunder, earthquake, rock concert, and explosion happening on your big screen. Bass shakers create an immersive movie experience, really pulling you into the action.

Cinema Bar


If you like to entertain guests, especially for big game nights, a home bar is a great upgrade to your home theater. You can keep it simple with a small bar/counter and chairs, or go the whole nine yards with a wet bar, glasses, and drinks storage. This will help keep messes under control, and you won’t be running to the kitchen through the movie to grab more drinks.

Concession Stand

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On the same note, why keep running to the kitchen for snacks during the movie? There is a huge selection of poppers, steamers, warmers, and ice shavers available for use in your home theater. If you don’t plan on having large parties regularly, you probably don’t need a full-size 8 oz. popcorn machine, but there are many small, countertop sized popcorn poppers. You could also consider a hot dog roller grill, a cotton candy machine, or a snow cone machine/ice shaver. An ice shaver is a good concession stand addition, as it is versatile – make snow cones, slushes, or cocktails for your guests.

Automated Lighting

Dim the house lights without leaving the comfort of your theater recliner. Automated lighting allows you to control the lighting with the touch of a button, without fumbling in the dark for a light switch or tripping over furniture when leaving the room. If you have windows in your home theater, you should consider getting motorized blackout drapes. These can be controlled by remote, as well, and prevent distracting glares on your big screen.

Theater Seating Platform Risers


If you plan on seating more than four people, you should really consider theater platforms. These create the tiered seating effect, allowing you to seat multiple rows without blocking anyone’s view. These platforms are built to last and can be customized with carpet to match the rest of your home theater room.


Movie Posters

When people think of a home theater, they think of the basics: a TV or screen and projector, a sound system, and maybe a couch or some theater seats. They often forget to think about décor. A home theater without some kind of wall décor will be pretty boring, and movie posters are a great way to spruce up those bare walls. You can get lighted poster frames or simple clip-on frames in a variety of finishes.

Universal Remote Controls

Most entertainment systems have a TV or projector and screen, an audio receiver, a game system, and a DVR. You may even have a computer hooked up to your entertainment system. Odds are, you have a minimum of two or three remotes, and it’s easy to accumulate as many as five or six. A universal remote cuts down on the clutter by allowing you to control multiple devices with a single remote.

Themed Décor and Accessories

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Are you a golf fanatic? A comic book nut? A Cowboys fan? Consider showing some team spirit- decorate your home theater to reflect your personality. There is a lot of novelty furniture available with logos and colors from your favorite NFL team. Or try wall décor, such as novelty signs, with customizable sayings and quotes. You’re investing in a home theater; why not make it your favorite room in the house? You don’t have to go all out and create the Bat Cave, but adding some personal touches can make the room more homey and your whole theater experience more enjoyable.

With so many options available, you can have an incredible home theater experience without breaking the bank. Upgrade your home theater with a concession stand or cinema bar. Bring some of your own personality into the room with movie posters or themed décor. Control everything conveniently and cut down on clutter with a universal remote, and sit back and enjoy the show.

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