Ways to Conceal Your Home Theater




In the past, installing a home theater meant initiating perpetual warfare between technology and décor.  Forget the old days of rooms crisscrossed by wires, giant subwoofers, intrusive speakers, ugly AV racks and boxy TVs. Now home owners have high and low tech options for seamlessly blending theater equipment and interior décor. Read on to discover how to build a multi-purpose room that quickly morphs from an elegant den into a souped-up home theater.

Cabinets, cabinets, cabinets!

Pretty much every element of your home theater can be concealed in a well-placed cabinet. Choose a cabinet that fits in with your existing décor and put Blu-ray players, streaming devices, remotes and even speakers in there. If your spouse thinks your AV rack is an eyesore, take the drawers out of a tall cabinet and put the whole rack inside.

Ceiling-mounted projectors are inconspicuous, but you have other options if you want to completely hide yours. Consider placing a small cabinet between two sectional sofas or recliners. The cabinet should have a sliding drawer, so you can simply slip it open to reveal your projector.

inwall audio

In-wall Audio

You can install wall-mounted rather than floor-standing speakers to save space in a multipurpose room. However, the stealthiest audio option is certainly in-wall surround sound. These speakers are tiny, because they use your wall as a resonating cabinet. You can paint the grill to match your walls. Hire professionals for this work, they can optimize your system for the acoustics in your room. In-wall and in-ceiling installs require special expertise and familiarity with equipment like anti-shake devices that stop your subwoofer from tearing your walls apart. Speaking of subwoofers, low-frequency sounds travel well. So, you can place your sub in an inconspicuous spot—under a table—and the bass will still reach the viewing area.


Hiding your Screen

The images on the screen may be beautiful, but the sharp, geometric shape of the TV itself tends to stand out too much. Here’s a list of ways to conceal your screen, from the simplest to the most high tech.

·         Dazzle camouflage—You don’t have to isolate your TV from the rest of your décor. A flat screen TV on a blank wall makes a giant, awkward, black rectangle that interrupts the flow of your room. Putting lots of pictures around it makes it less conspicuous.

·         Frame the TV—Putting a frame around your TV helps integrate it with the rest of your decorations. TV frames are available in a wide variety of styles.

·         Pull down screen.—This method works for projector and TV screens. A motorized or manual projector screen disappears easily. Or mount a large roll-up map over your TV. Pull it down when you’re not watching. Bonus: learn some geography.


·         Credenza—An elegant credenza displays your TV beautifully while blending it in with the rest of your furniture. Credenzas with backdrops look great and provide a dark, unreflected surface behind your TV to improve picture quality.

·         Mirror frame or art frame—Framing your TV is a great start, go the extra mile and add a vanishing mirror or painting inside the frame. With a futuristic vanishing mirror or vanishing art frames your TV is a thing of beauty even when it’s turned off.

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