Home Theater for Football Fans



Football season just kicked off and there’s still time to make your house the best place in town to watch the games.  At Home Theater Gear we are busy installing home theaters for football fans. We have learned a lot about turning a space into the ultimate football fan zone and we’ve written up some tips for you.

Brighten Up


To gear up for the season, our football fans ask for big, bright screens. This time of year, our customers buy up Black Diamond and Draper screens. These high-end projector screens can operate with ambient lights on. No one watches football in the dark.

Customers also upgrade to LCD movie projectors. These extra-bright projectors make team colors blaze and allow sharp images of fast plays even on a big screen.

Easy Access Snacks

hot dogs on roller

Tired of missing precious moments of game time, because you went into the other room for a drink or to get some snacks? Move the food and drinks into your entertainment room. Mini-fridges are a popular home theater add on for football enthusiasts. And you can take convenient snacking one step further by putting a hotdog steamer or roller grill right in the room with you. You’ll really feel like you’re at the stadium with a hotdog and a drink in your hand.

Customize Chairs

Top home theater seat brands allow complete customization of home theater seats. Brands like Palliser have an incredible range of fabric options. That means superfans can deck out their home theaters in their team colors. If your team sports a loud color combination, consider a muted version of those colors. For example navy and gold instead of bright blue and yellow or a dark red instead of fire engine red.


If you plan on hosting a crowd on game nights, install risers so everyone has a great view of every play. Risers also add that stadium atmosphere that’s perfect for sports fans.

Customize Furniture


HTG has plenty of licensed sports team furniture, such as coffee tables, TV trays, pool tables, even light fixtures. If you have extreme team pride, these items are a great way to fill your home with your team logo. Some of the furniture items bear the logo on a reversible panel, because sometimes you want to show that you’re the biggest fan on the block and sometimes you want to be a little more sophisticated.

Go forth and cheer on your team!


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