Funny Signs for Your Home Theater Room


In order to really bring out your personality, your home theater room needs a few accents. A conversation starter is a great way to break the ice with your sister’s new boy friend or your father-in-law. The following signs will liven up your room and be sure to bring about a conversation or two.


sucker poster

Does one of your friends have a terrible poker face? If you can’t think of a friend, then that friend might be you!  Watch out to who you give this great sign to, they might be referring to you any time they think of this.


man cave sign

Unless you are married, in that case she knows everything. Be careful where you put this, or who you give this to. No one wants an angry wife on their back! He won’t know what hit him when he opens up his gift!



billiard game room sign

Sexist joke anyone? Que shafts, balls, and tight racks… what more do you need? It is a crime against humanity to not have a dirty joke up on the wall. “I Love Tight Racks” is a great way to start a conversation, or have a laugh with your friends.



beer sign

You need to find someone that needs this sign in their life. This would make a great gift. Whatever your reason, this sign is perfect for any room in the house!






Remember to always put up funny signs that start a conversation, not make everyone run for the hills in embarrassment. Keep it light and relevant to the audience that will be in your theater room.

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