Use a Matrix to access all your A/V units from any TV in your home!



With a lot of new technologies come a lot of new challenges for adapting the new things we want with the old things we have already got! One of the more exciting and interesting types of technologies that we are now seeing more and more is called a “Matrix Switch”. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the movie… no men in black suits and sunglasses or anything like that!) BUT, what it can do will make you scratch your head in wonder & amazement!


Let me explain this a little more simply. Start with a matrix box in your mind. Let’s take that box and install it in a central place within your house. Now imagine you take all of your cable boxes, Blu-Ray players, digital streaming devices, like Roku and AppleTV and any other additional media sources you wish. Now that you have connected all these devices and hooked them into the matrix switch you are ready to start making the magic happen!


Now connect into the other side of the matrix switch the HDMI cables that lead to the various TV’s in your home (Some wireless sending devices may need to be installed or in wall wiring completed). Finally, with all the devices connected to the matrix and all the TV’s connected you are ready to start enjoying all of your media options right at your fingertips! The only caveats to a matrix switch is that only one TV can utilize a given source at a time (IE if the kitchen is using the cable box #1 then someone watching in the living room would not be able to watch cable box #1, they would have to choose another one of the 5 connected devices.CAL-40-967M-1

matrix map

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