Control Your THEATER Using Only Hand Gestures!




Learn how to control your Home Theater with hand gestures alone!!

What if you could control your home theater using only hand gestures, just like Tom Cruise does in Minority Report or Tony Stark in Iron Man? Read on to learn just how to do it in just one after noon for less than $100!

Now-a-days, having a home theater doesn’t buy you the “technology cred” that it used to because everyone and their dog have a “theater” of sorts in their homes or apartments or trailers or even dorm!!

I’ve got something to set you apart from the rest of your friends and restore your bleeding edge technology wizard credibility, how about being able to control your home theater using nothing more than hand gestures… Minority Report style? Sounds awesome right!? Well, welcome to the year 2014 where such things are growing increasingly more possible!!

Here’s how to do it…


First you will need to get your hands on a Leap Motion controller. The Leap Motion controller is a USB connected device, so it will require that you have a multimedia PC to connect it with. They are currently available to purchase online from or Leapmotion .com or at Best Buy’s brick and mortar stores for around $79.

Once you have the Leap controller, it probably best that you install it on your computer and start getting used to it’s functionality — It will take some work and practice to get used to the navigation before you will be a full fledged “Pre-Cog” navigateur of your own home theater.

If you already have a PC connected to your home theater, you can simply add the Leap controller to the machine. If you do not have a PC connected to your home theater, follow this guide.


Placement of the Leap Motion device will depend on your own theaters’ specifications, lighting and the furniture you are using. In the beginning it may be best to install the sensor somewhere near the TV, so you can stand in front of your screen or TV and practice your gesture controls. Once you have perfected your controlling abilities then you may try moving the sensor to other places inside your theater where it will be able to pick up your gestures and translate them into controls. (Also, if the sensor is hidden, you can likely frustrate your friends because they will not be able to control the screen the same way you are because they are not standing in the field of vision of the sensor!)

Not all aspects of your home theater can or will be suited for gestural control. But it would be perfect for use with services like Netflix or Hulu, where navigating through the catalogs of movie and TV-show titles are set up and conducive to the gestural type of navigation.

1703781_110920092843_razer-tron-3-pieceFor those situations where a different, more traditional form of navigation ins required a standard mouse and keyboard may be an indispensable part of your setup. But, not just any mouse of keyboard will cut it. A illuminated keyboard will permit you to keep the lights low while you work or search and a mouse that is also lit up is a necessity (not because you need a lit mouse to see what you are doing, but rather


One other alternative to the keyboard and mouse option, is this super-cool little gizmo called the GlideTV. It has been designed to put most all your controlling needs into the palm of your hand, by incorporating a touch pad, multimedia control buttons all in an ergonomic, stylish little pod. It comes with a charging base too that keep sit up and going whenever you need it!
506a048bfb04d60a6b000a44._w.540_h.407_s.fit_To compliment the GlideTV pod, you will need a keyboard, and if a full size qwerty keyboard won’t make you happy, this little palm sized glowing keyboard may do the trick nicely! It glows and is wireless…what else could you need!”? I



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