Arcade Games for your Home Theater



HTG-ARCADE-LOGO1It is time to get your game on! No mancave is complete without a BIG-SCREEN a comfy chair or couch and an arcade game(s) area.

Theaters are always the FIRST thing to come to mind when guys (or gals) start to plan out a new entertainment area (and they should be) but don’t forget to incorporate a gaming area into your plans. Having an arcade (whether you have one game or several) can be quite rewarding. It gives young children something to do when the grownups want watch a movie, or likewise, it can give you something to do when the kids have invaded the theater with their cartoons. Also, arcade games are remarkably fun and can be really bring out competitive side of anyone!

If you were born before 1990 you probably remember the days when every shopping mall had an obligatory arcade where parents could drop off the kids to spend hours while they shopped. For many Generation X & Y’ers arcades are the source of many fond memories!

Arcade-HTG-TILEAlthough the arcade as we used to know it has all but gone the way of the Dodo bird…games have not! The good news is that many of those old cabinet style games and pinball machines which once occupied a few square feet in an arcade are now out there in storage just waiting (and hoping) to be given a new home!

In spite of their cousins fate, other gaming devices like dart boards are still popular in bars and billiards halls around the nation. Almost every city across the country has a business whose primary objective is fixing and maintaining  these gaming cabinets. They can be a great resource if you have a game already that needs to be restored, fixed or just tuned up! They almost always have a small (or large) collection of machines that they have collected over the years which they sell.

pacman-tileGames are a great way to differentiate your own home theater from everyone else. Especially if you can find a game that everyone loves and is excited to play!

Another option is to buy a custom made game cabinet style machine which has been built from the ground up to let it play hundreds of classic arcade games instead of just one.

Home Theater Gear has a nice selection of Arcade games in store as well as online. Options include Shuffleboard tables, Air Hockey, Foosball tables, Ping-Pong Tables and Pool Tables.

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