Amazon’s Fire TV Set to Battle Roku, Chromecast & AppleTV for Living Room Dominance.




After years of offering digital content for sale, rental and streaming, the internet and media megalith; Amazon announced today that they are now entering the hardware battle for living room dominance with a set top box called the Amazon Fire TV. (expanding on the current conflagratory theme of products.)

The $99 box was announced by Amazon’s own Peter Larsen at wednesdays press event. Amazon says that it may be small in size but promises big performance with features such as streamlined voice control interface, full 1080p HDTV streaming and a blazing fast quad-core processor paired to 2gb of ram with a dedicated GPU.


Amazon claims that the dual-band, dual antenna device will deliver a virtually lag-free viewing experience, at least 3-times faster than the latest range of competitor’s boxes.

Amazon Prime members will have unlimited access to thousands of TV shows and movies through the device as well as the option to access the obligatory streaming-staples like Hulu and Netflix. Agreements with MLB and NBA are in place as well.


This is not just a streaming box though. For nearly a year rumors have been stirring about a potential Amazon gaming system. The Amazon Fire TV appears to be the manifestation of these rumors. (Likely the reason for the powerhouse drive-train within the box) A $39.99 gaming controller is available for purchase separately.

Another feature that will be included with the box, but has not got the media attention it should is called the “best value buy box.” Staying true to it’s DNA, customers will be able to look up a title of movie or TV show and see where it can be purchased cheapest, not unlike the way Amazon marketplace works.

b-slate-03-lg._V340304580_The Fire TV claims to be easy to setup using HDMI, then simply connect to your home WiFi network and enjoy!

Amazon has produced an ad starring Gary Busey for the device that will air soon, or to get a sneak preview, click here. 

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