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Home Theater Installation Process

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Home Theater Installation Process Our professional installation services take care of all of your installation needs for you, and include a post-installation walk-through, where our knowledgeable installation specialist will demonstrate how to use the equipment. We offer a variety of indoor audio and video installation packages, so whether you’re building a home theater or simply [...]

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Home Theater Lighting Design Guide

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                           Having a home theater creates special demands on room lighting arrangements. A good home theater lighting design can contribute to the convenience, comfort, and function of your room. There is a variety of lighting solutions, practices, and ideas to enhance your home [...]

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8 Design Tips for a Perfect Home Theater

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Designing your own home theater? Step 1: toss out everything you know about room design. Interior designers love a room with plenty of windows for lots of natural light, hardwood floors and light paint colors to make a space look larger. All these are completely wrong for theaters, where the primary concern is optimizing acoustics, [...]

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Great Ways to Upgrade Your Home Theater


Having your own home theater is awesome, whether it’s just a basic sound system and TV in your living room, or a room dedicated entirely to watching movies, complete with theater seats and a projector and screen. If you’re going to have a home theater room, why not go all out? Get the full home [...]

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Home Theater Lighting: What are My Options?

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home theater lighting

Home theater systems were a refreshing break for the cinema aficionados who could not afford to go to the theaters every time they wanted to experience excellent audio and visual effects. Since its popularity in the 1950s, advances in technology have made watching movies in the comfort of your own home just as realistic as [...]

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