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Arcade Games for your Home Theater

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  It is time to get your game on! No mancave is complete without a BIG-SCREEN a comfy chair or couch and an arcade game(s) area. Theaters are always the FIRST thing to come to mind when guys (or gals) start to plan out a new entertainment area (and they should be) but don’t forget [...]

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How to Childproof Your Home Theater

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How to Child Proof Your Home Theater Curious youngsters can develop a fascination with your shiny home theater system. Those blinking knobs, flashing lights, mechanical sounds, and glowing buttons lure them in. Before they start to mess up your TV settings, use your A/V furniture as a jungle gym, or stuff a Goldfish cracker into [...]

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How to Set Up a Home Theater in Your Apartment

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You can have a great home theater in your apartment, regardless of square footage. Excellent sound that doesn’t wake the neighbors. A large, flat screen without ripping holes in your walls. Décor and soundproofing without painting. Follow these tips for an apartment-friendly entertainment center. Apartment Audio                                                                                                                                 Scale Down When it comes to audio, bigger [...]

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The Basic Components that Make Up a Home Theater

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A home theater is made of several technical and non-technical components. It needs audio video sources, speakers, receivers, connecting cables, projectors, and proper furniture. We can help you set up the finest theater room right in your home within your budget and with enhanced user experience.  When all parts of a theater come together, you [...]

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Breaking Down Home Theater Components


In the olden days, all you needed for a home theater was a television and remote control. However, with screens, speakers, cable boxes, Blu-ray players, streaming media, game systems, receivers, and more, the world of home theaters can be difficult to navigate. To help point you in the right direction, we have explained some of [...]

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